Fight or flight —
dance workshop
Yerevan / july 29–31
This intensive course is a great way to explore new ways of moving and get away from the news and the phone for a moment to discover what your body can do. Everybody's welcome regardless of their movement background. You are new to movement? Come to try. You've got experience with dancing or martial arts — come to improve your skills and have fun connecting them.
What we'll do
This short intensive course explores the connection between dance and martial arts. We'll punch bags, learn to duck, trick people, rely on them, and use the space and the floor to add lightness, direction, and diversity to the way we move. There'll be a reasonable amount of hardcore aerobic workouts mixed with relaxing group practices and improvisation sessions.
Here's what we'll go over:
  • the basics of punching technique and boxing footwork
  • human-to-human non-verbal communication
  • ABCs of contemporary dance principles and different quality of movement
  • improvisation — to blend all of the above into your own personal movement expression.
Each of the three days you'll have a mix of some nice warmups and cooldowns, a lot of physical conditioning, technique, and improv sessions. A short break in the middle for quick carbs will absolutely be there, yet you're looking at a full immersion into training. It's best you come to all three days so that you could get the most out of the program.
Day 1
Friday, Jul 29th
7–8pm Olya's intense whole-body warmup
8–9:30pm Nastya's boxing drill
  • footwork
  • punches & defense
  • breathing styles
  • asymmetric and cross-lateral movement
  • balance training
  • partner's sense training
9:30–10pm Curious wrap-up:
  • inner muscles stretching using other people
  • human rolls (not gonna explain — you'll see it when you see it)
Day 2
Saturday, Jul 30th
12–12:30pm Olya's showing how to warm up with massage
12:30–1pm Nastya's warm-up, intense rewind of the first day
1–2pm Olya's key movements to work with the floor
2–4pm Working with partners and improvisation session
Day 3
Sunday, Jul 31th
12–12:30pm Nastya's mellow warm-up — to stretch what's rarely stretched in a relaxed and focused manner
12:30–1:30pm Intense drills to nail down the ABCs
1:30–3:30pm Individual and group improv to use of the techniques we learned
3:30–4pm Some bodywork to wrap up
Whole intensive = 35 000 AMD
One day (only the first) = 15 000 AMD
who we are
dancer, fighter, and Gogol school PHT1 lab alumni of '21
6 years of capoeira and 9 years of boxing — that is what Nastassja had behind her belt when she began dancing in 2021. "I had no idea what contemporary dance was, I just wanted to change the way I move, add fluency, an extra dimension to it. A few weeks in, I realized that the principles behind the dance moves are similar or complementary to the ones we use in martial arts. Balance, footwork, spirals, this ultimately relaxed yet focused state — it was all there, yet the form changed into something more fluid and, in a good sense, aimless. Like, there's no goal of destroying the opponent or scoring a round, but to work with them to create something that makes sense to you — at least at that moment".
dancer, performer, designer, and founder of Tokmoscow dance project
Olya took her time and many ways to approach dancing before she created Tokmoscow 4 years ago, her own dance project and a place to introduce people to contemporary dance. "To me, the most important thing in dancing is the ability to improvise, to be proactive. This desire to explore the simplest of movements or the trickiest ones is what makes you improve your body in different ways to be able to do everything you want when you dance."